Terms of Service

As an agency choosing to participate in Give Local Midland, the Midland Area Community Foundation requires that you enter into this terms of service agreement which sets forth the services and duties provided by the Giving Day and roles and responsibilities of all participants.

Participating agencies must be a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, educational nonprofit or government organization located in or significantly impacting residents of Midland County. Your organization must meet Midland Area Community Foundation (MACF) grant eligibility requirements.

An endowment fund held at MACF in support of your agency must be active. You agree that all donations, matching dollars and prize dollars earned during Give Local Midland will be distributed to your endowment fund(s) held at MACF.

Participating agencies are encouraged to focus the majority of their overall marketing efforts (newsletters, social media, email campaigns, etc.) on Give Local Midland in the weeks leading up to the event. MACF/GiveGab will provide several messaging templates, or you can create your own. MACF will promote and purchase advertising for the event. You are not required to pay for any advertising.

Participating agencies that operate a website agree to, at minimum, add the Give Local Midland logo/link on the home page of their website at least 14 days prior to the event, and notify their donors of the event via e-newsletter and/or mailed letters.

All Give Local Midland partners are required to have a Facebook page. If you need assistance setting up your organization page, we can help! Your organization, staff and board of directors are encouraged to help promote Give Local Midland during the 24 hour event using social media. Twitter and Instagram accounts are encouraged but not required.

Each approved agency is eligible to receive funds with no maximum limit; however, donations must be a minimum of $5. Only donations in the amount of $5 or more will receive matching funds (including gifts of checks and/or cash submitted to MACF on the giving day). Agencies are prohibited from donating to themselves (i.e. cannot bring the proceeds from a prior fundraiser). Previous pledges, proceeds from sales/fundraisers, and grants are ineligible for matching dollars.

Participating agencies that receive qualifying contributions during Give Local Midland will receive a portion of the matching fund pool. Agencies will earn the same percentage of the matching fund pool as the percentage they raise during the day (Example: $100,000 total is raised during Give Local Midland, organization X raises $10,000. Matching fund pool is $50,000. Because agency X raised 10% of total, they will receive 10% of $50,000, or $5,000).

All qualifying donations must be received on May 7, 2019. Online donations can be made from 12:00am – 11:59pm on May 7 at www.givelocalmidland.org. 

Gifts of cash or check must be received at MACF offices located on 76 Ashman Circle between the hours of 8am – 5pm on May 7. If donors would like a tax deduction, an offline gift form must be filled out and turned in with gift. Bulk offline gifts (more than 10 gifts of check/cash at a time) must be received no later than 3pm and include offline donor gift forms (provided by MACF prior to the event by request).

MACF agrees to pay all online credit card and/or processing fees associated with Give Local Midland, in addition to the website fees associated with Give Local Midland. Donors will also have the option of covering these fees when they make their donation online. 100% of each donation will be distributed to the non-spendable portion of your agency endowment fund.

Gifts from Donor Advised Funds, stocks, and IRA’s are encouraged and need to be processed by April 10, 2019 to ensure receipt prior to giving day. Please advise Emily at eschafer@midlandfoundation.org or 989-839-9661 if you anticipate these types of gifts or would like to learn more.

Participating agencies agree to register and submit accurate information for your nonprofit profile at givelocalmidland.org. MACF has final approval of the submitted information and may make changes to your profile if deemed necessary.

Agencies agree to be listed on givelocalmidland.org and allow MACF to collect donations from the public on your behalf. Understand that donations plus any earned matching funds will be distributed to the non-spendable portion of your endowment fund within 60 days post-event.

All donor lists provided to agencies will contain names and addresses (unless anonymous), but not the amount of the donation, per MACF donor guidelines.